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The PS3's New Year's Resolutions
11:27 AM

Hi. I'm a PlayStation 3. I made great strides in 2008 but we all need to better ourselves in some way, so here's my list of New Year's Resolutions. I swear I will apply myself to achieving all goals outlined below!

I will become more affordable...even if I don't wanna be

When I first launched with a $600 price tag, I desperately tried to convince everyone that it wasn't "pricey;" it was fair. Heck, it was more than fair, considering it cost Sony $840 to make me. But it was difficult to convince many people without many great discs to pop inside my complicated architecture, and so I labored through the first few months and a lot of 2007. And although Sony wanted to promote me as a piece of filet mignon in comparison to the low-grade cheeseburger that was supposed to be the Xbox 360, I still needed a price cut. And so I got one...well, I got a few, actually. But now I need another one, and I promise to give you a drop that will make me more appealing than ever before in my lifespan. And this time, I'm ready with the games...and oh baby...more are coming.

I will help to bring Blu-Ray to the masses

Sony used me as a Trojan Horse of sorts in the early days; I was used to implant the high-definition Blu-Ray format into the minds of all consumers. But it really only appealed to those who absolutely needed the best of the best in their home entertainment setups, and we still needed to cut HD-DVD out of the loop. Now that's done, and Blu-Ray continues to rise. I'm one of the best Blu-Ray players money can buy, and oh yeah, all my games are on Blu-Ray. It won't just be gamers and video tech geeks who will know me personally in 2009; I'm comin' into the homes of mainstream America. And I must say, I blush with pride when the salesman says, "oh yeah, but this thing does so much more than just play Blu-Ray movies!" See, he can say that to gamers, too; just replace "Blu-Ray movies" with "games." The statement still works.

I will make the Network and Store better...and they'll still be free

One of my better character traits is that my Network is absolutely free. And even though it will just continue to get better and better this year, I won't ever let Sony charge you for this excellent service. My Store has come a looooong way since the launch, and more content is headed my way (I can feel it). Playing online won't ever cost you a dime, and it will continue to be just as - if not more - reliable than my worthy competitor, Xbox Live. Although there are rumors that with the added content and functionality, Sony may have to start charging, but I'm not buying that. I will fight to keep it free! Just for you, friend, just for you.

At this time next year, I will say...TOLD YOU SO!

On January 1, 2010, I will sit before everyone, take a big breath and say, "yeah, I TOLD YOU SO!!!" I will have given you Killzone 2, God of War III, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Gran Turismo 5, Infamous, White Knight Chronicles, and several other PlayStation 3 exclusives that so many people adored. Of that list, four will be legitimate Game of the Year contenders, and could actually be the four best games of 2009! I've already shown that I have plenty of games to compete, but this year, I will prove that I have the best available software...hands-down. No more "wait 'til next year." No more excuses. This will be a landmark year for me, and I won't settle for anything less!

And that's it. Happy New Year to all, and to all the awesome guys at PSX Extreme who have always treated me fairly - holding me accountable when it was right to do so and defending me against the raving naysayers - I have a special message: you rule. Can we be BFF?

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